July 15, 2024
3 Areas To Focus On In Your SEO Campaign

With millions of websites already online and hundreds of thousands being created every day, it’s absurd to design a website and pray that people visit it. To attract eyeballs you need to optimize it for search engines.

To make it easy for you, here are the areas that you should focus on in your SEO campaign:

Site layout and architecture

It’s estimated that up to 99{43188a7dd839b6435400250daa1cfd1f7fa6a9f2f74b5d47d7c17eef7596ad2a} of people will leave an ugly site within the first 5 seconds regardless of how valuable the site is. To avoid high bounce rates give your site a beautiful layout. As rule of thumb there should be no ads above the fold.

The content should be clear and well formatted. When designing the layout, user experience should be your main focus. For your readers to stick around, they should be able to easily navigate from one page to the other.

Meta descriptions

These are the words that appear at the bottom of a link when you search a given term. While they don’t have any SEO value, they play a huge role in determining the number of clicks that your page receives.

To attract people to your page ensure that the Meta description is clear and gives all the information contained in the page. While the description has been shown not to affect ranking, it’s good to include your target keyword. This is to make it easy for people to find you.

Close to Meta description are title tags. They are located at the top of Meta descriptions. Title tags have SEO value; therefore, you should be careful using them. To avoid penalization avoid stuffing them with keywords. Also avoid making them too long. This is to protect them being cut off in the search results. To be on the safe side ensure that they are no more than 60 characters long.


The online world revolves around content thus this is where you should concentrate more on. To attract traffic and links, your content needs to be top notch. This calls for you to write valuable content that is long enough (1,000-2,000 words). It should also have plenty of images.

While you should include keywords (especially in the first paragraph) you should avoid overusing them. Before, people used to maintain a keyword density of 2{43188a7dd839b6435400250daa1cfd1f7fa6a9f2f74b5d47d7c17eef7596ad2a}, but this is no longer necessary. Naturally mention your target keywords a few times in the article. Also include words related to your target keyword.