July 15, 2024
3 Essential Skills For Business Communication 2.0

Communication 2.0 is transforming the strategy and the skills needed to implement and execute effective communications practices with employees and customers. In the age of Communication 2.0, there are two types of businesses out there: those who understand how to leverage communication and those whose performance suffers.

Leaders in HR, PR, marketing, and employee communication are realizing that employees need a new toolkit of skills to effectively manage relationships internally and externally.

Here are three skills that business communicators MUST have in Communication 2.0.

1. A keen ability to initiate, build, and maintain relationships. Communication 2.0 and the democratization of media has elevated the importance of relationships with clients, customers, and employees. These stakeholders are converging: they’re becoming the same person. Invest resources in cultivating these relationships.

2. The ability to listen and learn. The rapid pace of Communication 2.0 means that employees must understand how to gather and weigh evidence and thoughtfully participate in conversations with stakeholders.

3. A deep understanding and appreciation of human behavior. Communication 2.0 demonstrates that human factors associated with doing business drive change, innovation, and collaboration. The media tools themselves merely amplify the best and worst of the human condition.

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