July 15, 2024
An Acrostic of Virtues. For Your Contemplation

Authenticity is another word for integrity, for what someone is they do.

Benevolence is an instinct that never second guesses acts of goodness.

Compassion is the ability to suffer for good.

Diligence is rare in any age because it’s disciplined against the comfort humanity strives for.

Empathy is faked by a narcissist, but their true colours shine eventually. The true empath cannot help but care more than they should. Better the latter than the former.

Fortitude is the cornerstone behind a life stepping forward and lingering fully in the moment.

Gratitude is the grace that takes nothing for granted.

Honesty is the enjoiner of wisdom and virtue, from which everything good swings.

Integrity, as a moral good, is the essence of virtue.

Justice is but love that breeds balance in relationships.

Kindness is a verb that can be seen, heard, felt, touched, even tasted. It’s the noun of the blessed.

Love is a sentence, a page, a book, a volume, a library of the abundant life, and never more exactly a word.

Maturity is not merely the acceptance of what cannot be changed, but also the embracing of what can only be best accepted.

Nobility is the royal feature of person that calls everyone around you to genuine greatness.

Obedience is the virtue of humility that pleasantly falls under authority.

Prudence is the delicious sentiment of generosity toward others and frugality toward self.

Quality is the dimension of taste that waits with faith upon the weighing of all things.

Rectitude is the high office of respectful reliability.

Sensitivity is the corollary of poise and care, brave enough to be mocked and yet remain vulnerable.

Trustworthiness is the eminence of God in human skin.

Understanding is discernment inscrutable to the masses, a spiritual gift that can only be nurtured.

Vitality is a gift that can only be given by the vitalised.

Wisdom is an all-encompassing necessity for common life, and everything benefits from wisdom.

Yieldedness is something that aids all manner of healing.

Zeal is the feature behind every bold success and failure.