July 15, 2024
Angels – Angel of Mercy Ra’amiel

My understanding of mercy is that it encompasses kindness, compassion, understanding another’s point of view, love and empathy… all of which are a part of the whole.

To show mercy to others, we must first give ourselves permission to see past our perceived shortcomings in character and belief in our being worthy of manifesting our dream of living our purpose.

Empathy is the ability to understand what someone else is experiencing without having to fully immerse ourselves in the situation at hand.

If you are an empath — someone who is extremely sensitive to energy — being compassionate gifts you with intuitive insights into how to be merciful.

Because of past programming, we assume the task of judging and possibly condemning ourselves. Even after we are no longer in the presence of those who have belittled us and caused us to devalue our truth, we attract to us similar situations and relationships.

Being merciful is nurturing yourself through the many layers of acceptance, release and ultimately forgiving you for any mistakes you feel you made along the way.

Ra’amiel, Angel of Mercy, shows us how to be merciful first to ourselves and then to others. It is very easy to judge and condemn each other and ourselves.

We have tongues that cut using words designed to hurt, sometimes beyond repair. Words can be given to uplift instead of tearing down.

Ask Ra’amiel to help you hold harsh words before they leave your lips. Words, kind or harsh, once spoken cannot be undone.

We have the power within us to forgive through mercy, kindness and compassion… all are expressions of unconditional love.

Ask the Angel of Mercy to guide you through anger, hurt and disappointment and into the light of unconditional love and mercy.

Ra’amiel’s green-gold energy heals and seals the past, leaving all that no longer serves you, behind you where it belongs.