July 15, 2024
Build Your Own Website Or Use a Web Design Company?

Thinking about Web Design?

It’s not easy, or is it? Maybe you are thinking of having a go yourself or would you be employing the services of a professional web design company.

Let’s take a look at the first option, employing the services of a professional web design company, this will insure you will get a very professional website and a backend system if you need it so you can update the website yourself using the built in CMS system, (content management system).

Another point to remember is that a professional web designer will have many years of knowledge in the World of website design and development and will better understand your needs and requirements.

Usually they can understand exactly what you are looking for in terms of design, functionality and the actual purpose of the website you want building with your first initial meeting.

Take this example, is your site going to be a full blown online marketing tool to enhance and advance your company online with the ability to take payments from your website visitors or is it going to be a simple point of contact to simply display your products and services.

Some of the more established web companies often have their own search engine marketing department that are capable of getting your newly designed website high listings on the search engines, and more importantly, keeping it there.

Search engine marketing does of course come with its own additional costs, a cost that you probably never considered in your new web design budget but if the company know what they are doing, you could be making ten times from your website that what is has actually cost you.

So what about the second option, the DIY approach, doing it all yourself.

If your short of cash, maybe this is your best option, it is a good starting point in getting your new website up and running, and let’s face it, most new businesses do not have a lot of spare cash so this option is certainly a good starting point.

The DIY approach does of course have its downside in that it’s just not going to be as good as using a professional web designer even if you think it looks absolutely wonderful, the coding will be bloated with a lot of unnecessary code, this will take a little longer to download the web page and could affect your search engine goals.

Did you know Google looks at download speeds now, even if your website loads just a second faster it can actually make a difference to your rankings.

There is a good chance you will be using one of the popular website design programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver or similar.

Some of you will probably be using something like FrontPage or even worse, a free download program that will build the site for you, all you need to do is to add the text and the odd picture.

Just type “web design software” into Google, there are so many to choose from but I would recommend Dreamweaver, I here the latest version is excellent, just what I heard of course.

This is actually a good way to get started as you will learn a lot in what is involved in web design and will also help you decide what you really want, and need from your website so when you do actually employ the services of a professional, you will be in a better position to get your ideas across.

It’s not so easy these days to design and develop a good quality website for your business, and it’s not just about having a website that looks good, it has to be able do the job it was intended for such as generating sales.

There really isn’t much point in having the most amazing looking website that no one will ever see?