July 15, 2024
Cold Calling Can Lead To Severe Depression If Your Prospecting Efforts Are Not Diversified!

In the financial markets the key to building a successful investment portfolio is through diversification. This means that a diversified portfolio includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investment vehicles. This type of “diversified approach” in the financial markets can also be applied to your prospecting efforts. This means that you need to diversify your prospecting efforts beyond cold calling. Other lead generation opportunities include:

*Customer referrals

*Prospects that you meet at networking events.

*Incoming leads that you receive through advertising mediums such the internet, television, radio, magazine, newspaper, yellow pages and direct mail.

*Increase your exposure by submitting articles to industry publications.

*Increase your exposure by submitting press releases about your company (check out http://www.prweb.com).

*Participate in industry message boards and blogs.

*Send targeted emails to prospects (make sure you follow the CAN SPAM ACT).

*Exhibit at local tradeshows and chamber events

These eight examples are excellent ways to increase your income beyond making just cold calls. But, what would happen if you decide to ignore these eight lead generation opportunities? What would happen if you focus 100{43188a7dd839b6435400250daa1cfd1f7fa6a9f2f74b5d47d7c17eef7596ad2a} of your lead generation efforts on cold calling? I believe that by choosing this course of action you will become frustrated and your frustration will lead to depression.

How do I know this to be true? I know this to be true because at one point in my cold calling career I had focused 100{43188a7dd839b6435400250daa1cfd1f7fa6a9f2f74b5d47d7c17eef7596ad2a} of my time on cold calling to generate new business. In fact, there was a time when I made close to 400 to 500 calls a week for many years. That’s about 80 to 100 calls a day! As a result of my lack of lead generation diversification, my frustrations with cold calling lead to a temporary period of severe depression. What’s my advice in one word or less? DIVERSIFY!

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