July 15, 2024
Crystal Air Ozone Generators Air Purifier Review and Numbers Analysis

Crystal Air is an industry leading company that distributes ozone generators. This company carries 18 different models for both residential and commercial applications. These models offer ozone output ranges between 200 mg/hr and 6800 mg/hr. These applications cover from 750 to 27,200 square feet.

These ozone generators cost between 0.82 and 7.6 cents per square foot of air cleaned. These ozone air purifiers cost between $346.65 and $11854.32 to use over a 10 year time period.

Comparing the cost benefit value of these systems involves some methodological differences from what you would do in comparing air purifiers. By design, these systems only uses ozone. This is because they are designed to address specific types of problems. Unlike air purifiers, they were not designed to run 24 hours a day. It’s not that they do not have that capability, it’s that you will not use it for that purpose the majority of the time. Instead, you will use it to target a specific odor, gas, or bio agent issue which normally involves releasing concentrated doses of ozone into an environment for a designated period of time.

When we calculated the cost-benefit value of air purifiers, we based it on 24 hours of continuous operation of the air cleaner. So we did the same with ozone generators. This at least provides a standard for comparing one system to another. But you should never compare air purifiers to ozone generators because they have very distinct purposes.

Crystal Air carries systems that use the Corona discharge method for ozone production and other units that use UV light to put out ozone (o3). This is important to know because Corona discharge (CD) generators are usually cheaper than UV light systems and are able to put out higher concentrations of o3. On the other hand, CD systems have issues with releasing nitric acid byproducts into the air which can corrode the generator. Ozone systems that use UV light have eliminated the nitrous oxide byproducts from the process. As a result, they tend to last longer and are more friendly for addressing issues with ozone while humans are present in the environment.

Crystal Air is one of the leading companies when it comes to these types of systems, in part, because they provide one of the most comprehensive spectrums of options. In our opinion, the best CD generator that this company offers is the PRO 5000. It offers the best cost to benefit ratio of all Crystal Air systems and it is powerful enough to address most residential and commercial toxic odor, gas, and bio agent issues. The best overall UV light ozone generator is the UV PRO 1100T. It doesn’t have the highest cost-benefit ratio, but we think it has the best all around value based on what UV ozone systems will be used for.

This company also backs its generators with one of the best warranties in the ozone industry. They back their quality with a 6 year warranty. Few other companies offer this kind of guarantee. Do you research, but this is definitely a company worth buying your ozone products from.