April 17, 2024

Do you try to remember the ending of the common movie, Absent with the Wind? At the end of the film Scarlett O’Hara has a great line. What was it?

NO – it is not – “Frankly my dear, I do not give a damn!” That was Rhett Butler’s Line.

In gone with the wind, Scarlett O’Hara mentioned:



I will go residence.

And I am going to believe of some way to get him back. Soon after all… tomorrow is yet another working day.

Currently, numerous salespeople can switch the text of Scarlett with the words of their customers, extra prospective buyers are utilizing Scarlett’s phrases and saying – “Not currently, soon after all. . . tomorrow is one more working day”. What they need to be carrying out is producing a order conclusion.

The Scarlett Remedy is Simple

When prospective clients are putting off what they really should be undertaking now, we need to have to recognize and challenge this reaction. Scarlett must have run into the arms of Rhett Butler. As a income particular person, I would have favored this new ending. As an alternative, Scarlett set off an vital decision that would have made an appealing sequel.

We require to don’t forget that NO does not normally indicate NO in profits. In some situations, the prospect has turn out to be accustomed to declaring no and delaying investment choices. In lots of conditions, they have this “Scarlett Syndrome” response on the recommendations of their lips. As salespeople and business enterprise owners, we can assist remedy this problem by difficult the prospect with rational to obtain now. It is frequently just a matter of concerns and selections that can enable a prospect make a excellent decision and buy now, rather than tomorrow.

Listed here are a couple means to get rid of Scarlett’s Syndrome.

1. Never acquire the initially no – as NO. Alternatively, challenge the rational guiding the reasoning and determine if there is substitute and demonstrate the rationale a selection must be designed these days.

2. Make a great circumstance for doing business enterprise right now. If you have the means and it will make perception, make a single, 1-time present that motivates the purchaser.

3. Set potential clients in your sales pipeline. You want to comply with-up quicker and tenaciously. In some cases, the revenue pipeline really should be modified for far more contacts that have the Scarlett Syndrome.

4. Rhett Butler walked absent at the conclude of the movie. Be geared up to wander away from some possibilities, but make confident you give your most effective line and provide solid rational to do organization NOW!

When it arrives to selling, we often have alternatives. From what I listen to on the streets of marketing, this is the time when income men and women have to have to be closing harder and the income pipeline demands to be modified and so does the qualifying of prospective buyers.