June 18, 2024

Hello, we are the voting votes.

We are passionate about what we do, we transform moments, feelings and stories into personalized texts to thrill the loved one.

We are the best and most respected company in Brazil specializing in making personalized wedding vows. Therefore, we amplify emotions, give words life and deliver the best for our clients.

We have our own methodologies, to rescue memories, to create empathy and to capture the purest and noble feelings that the couple can have. In this way, we carry out services for the entire national territory.

We in the wedding vows are completely in love with what we do. Through our planning and expertise, we develop the texts based on the history, feeling and moments lived by the bride and groom. Our hearts, souls, ears, eyes and pencils are ready to capture your best emotion, your purest and true feelings.

We do not just write another vow of marriage, we get feelings, we translate emotions into words. We have our own methodologies that we develop over time.

The first step of our clients is the choice of the service and the contracting of the same made in our own site. Soon after the confirmation of the service and payment, which can be done via ticket or credit card, we have a specific step by step for each product we offer.

Once one of our services is chosen, the script is directed to a specialist in capturing stories and transforming into words. This text will be reviewed by one of our reviewers, being nothing short of perfect, the text will be sent to you. And if by chance even after our quality standard you want to make some change, just check what service you have chosen and how many reviews fall into the service provided.

Remembering that, all this happens in up to 20 days, soon after the script is properly answered and delivered.

Looking forward to the first day of the rest of your lives?

This is entirely up to each client. For the vast majority, hiring our services is synonymous with searching the market for the best possible text.

In this case, the client takes great pride in telling everyone that their text was created by wedding vows. For others, it’s the chance to seek out a voice that complements and empowers your own. Whatever the situation, you can count on our discretion.

Enter our website and check out our services: http://www.votosdecasamento.com.br