July 15, 2024
Internet Marketing Online – The Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing has its many benefits. This internet marketing strategy is not really emphasized on as many internet marketers are more focused on traffic generation and website optimization. What they do not realise is how powerful emails are. This particular brand of power online can give you miracles in ways you won’t imagine.


To give out emails, you will first need an auto-responder. An auto-responder is a service that you can use to build up on your list and send out emails to them in a specific time. For example, when someone subscribes to your list, he/she will automatically receive a thank you email from you and receives the first newsletter. This service is useful because it allows you to type in all your emails and send them out in sequence, e.g. You have eight emails you’d like to give your customers and you can organize them into being sent out as one per week. There are good auto-responder services out there that businesses use such as Aweber and GetResponse.

Opt-In List

When you want visitors to part with their name and email addresses to you, you have to prove that you are worthy to receive them. Prove to them that you are qualified in giving them what they are looking for. Let’s say there’s a fisherman who comes into your fishing website in order to learn the techniques of how to fish better. You can provide him with an e-book on how to fish better if he opts into your list.

Managing Great Content

Make your customers look forward to your emails. Give them free gifts, techniques and advice that makes them inspired to learn more from you and trust you with their money. Referring back to the previous example of giving a free fishing book to your customer, you can wait for about a week, and after he has liked your book and trusted your judgement, you can advertise to him a certain product that can help him fish better. Do focus on customer behaviour. Customers very seldom buy products when they first get to know about it. They need a certain amount of time to think it through. All the more, you can emphasize on the product in your next email if they haven’t bought it.

Email Format

The title or subject of the email should be something that catches the reader’s attention. It is proven that names work very well in making people read the emails sent to them. For example, “Ben! Look what I’ve got for Christmas!”

As for the body copy, the research team at http://www.MarketingExperiments.com did an email campaign that increased sales by 49{43188a7dd839b6435400250daa1cfd1f7fa6a9f2f74b5d47d7c17eef7596ad2a}. Some of the key points they featured in the body copy was:

-making sure the valuable product benefits the customer

-avoid a sales hype by using a “personal tone” in your emails

-provide customer service by catering to their needs

-providing incentives

Ezine Publishing

Another thing you can do is an ezine. An ezine is an electronic magazine or an electronic newsletter. It is given to visitors or customers through emails. Ezine publishing can come useful in advertising and promoting new products or to give out information or advice as to what customers are looking for. The awesome research team of http://www.MarketingExperiments.com also did an experiment on Ezine advertisement testing have proven that ezine advertising has the potential to produce strong returns on investment. Companies do not really emphasized on them because of the lack of time or expertise to optimize these campaigns. These companies are making a big mistake because they do not realize the full extent of how much more money they could make online.

In every ezine you’d like to distribute out to your list, simply generate content in it and place the same advertisement. To know how many click throughs your ad is getting you can use a script called ProLinkz which is available at http://www.prolinkz.com. It would be great if your ad was a strong one with a good headline, preferably done with copywriting skills. Format the ad with good dimensions and make sure it stands out. Test out the various positions of where you put your ad and decide on a position which is proven to get more click throughs.

In Internet marketing online, in order to really understand the email marketing strategy you have to implement them. Understanding them and knowing how to do it is just the first step. Once you have practised and tried them, you’ll see greater results in sales.