June 18, 2024

Geoff Stephen, creator of Global NPN has recently released a brand new lead generation system called Lead Skimmer that can be used to get more leads and sales in 2 ways. The first is by promoting Lead Skimmer directly as a premium business opportunity and the second is by working with the system to produce leads and sales for your primary business.

The idea is that you can apply their system to supply free leads for any opportunity you may be marketing because whenever you generate a new lead using Lead Skimmer’s patented Skim 3 software, that person will then pass leads up to you via their promotional efforts, all without any person ever buying a thing…but how does it work?

The Way It Works

The following is an overview of the free system:

1) You enroll at zero cost under your sponsor, browse the system, and begin marketing your “Lead Skimmer” squeeze page.

2) You receive your very first lead. That lead will be passed up to your sponsor, and so are the next two.

3) The next step is, you obtain your 4th lead. This lead and each lead hereafter will be yours to keep…yay!

4) This fourth lead also starts your first “lead line”.

5) Throughout every lead line that you own, you’ll get to keep every qualifying lead (every person’s first 3) on through infinity.

Now about the Premium Membership

The above explanation is how the system functions when all members are unpaid members. But what happens when a person upgrades?

If you were to sign up for Lead Skimmer and ended up opting for the premium version, you would then be automatically eligible to begin creating lead lines. This means you would not ever need to pass up any leads to your sponsor to qualify.

This is a wonderful incentive for upgrading because if you are indeed marketing with the Lead Skimmer system, even if you are solely using it to build leads for your principal company, there will undoubtedly be some people who respond to what they see and choose to advance to a premium membership; and it would be a shame to lose out on all those sales.

So how much does it cost to upgrade?

Upgrade Options

There are 2 options for upgrading to a premium membership, should you decide to do so. Upgrades are done through the Lead Skimmer back office, which you receive access to once you join for the free version.

1) The first option is in the form of a one time $44.95 payment.

2) The second choice packages the premium membership as a free bonus when you sign up for Lead Skimmer’s sister company Global NPN at the director level ($39.97 per month).

The director level is the lowest membership tier needed to obtain the free Lead Skimmer package deal. There are however 3 more levels beyond director. Any of these 3 levels will also allow you to receive the bundle, in the event you decide that a higher level of membership meets your needs.

Although option 2 is a regular monthly cost instead of a one time cost, it can in fact save you money considering all of the services that Global NPN supplies.

Global NPN specializes in internet marketing tools and they provide an impressive selection of offerings like ad tracking, hosting, autoresponders, website building tools, tons of coaching material, etc. It’s a great option to think about if you’re searching for a full and low cost online marketing tool suite to help you operate a successful business online.

The Lead Skimmer Comp Plan

What are the benefits of upgrading?

Do you remember those lead lines we mentioned earlier? Each lead that gets passed up to you instantly becomes your personal referral which means you will receive commissions if and when each of them upgrades to a premium membership.

But remember, there are two ways to upgrade.

1) If your referral chooses option 1 and pays the one time $44.95 to upgrade, $25 of that purchase will be paid out to you.

2) If your referral selects option 2 and decides to enroll with Global NPN at the director level for $39.97 a month, you’ll collect $25 every month residually from those monthly payments (presuming you are also a Global NPN member at the director level).

Autoresponder Solutions

Lead Skimmer also gives you complete integration with AWeber and Get Response, as well as Global NPN’s MailMarketer Pro, which is bundled free of charge with Global NPN’s director level membership (see upgrade option 2 above).

Bottom Line

The Lead Skimmer system is about working smarter, not harder. You can make money by building it directly as a business, use it as a powerful front-end offer to create more leads and sales for your primary business, or some mixture of the two.

In any event, you end up multiplying your efforts with the power of lead lines, potentially producing 3x the results with the same measure of effort.

But will Lead Skimmer really supply free leads?

Lead Skimmer can dramatically raise your opt-ins as it multiplies your promotional efforts by leveraging the efforts of your leads. One lead could very well become hundreds hands free as they continuously pass up to you through your lead lines. And all of this occurs without anyone, including yourself, ever having to buy a single thing. So yes…Lead Skimmer can certainly produce free leads.