July 15, 2024
Marketing Research Using Eye Tracking

Market research is a very involved field. It requires a lot of expertise to get the information you are looking for. If you are trying to get an edge in the market research field, you may want to consider video eye tracking evaluation. Marketing research using eye tracking is a great way to improve your research techniques and expand your clientele.

Marketing research using eye tracking takes advertising research to whole new level. Not sure if you can use this type of technology? That depends on what kind of market research you are involved in and the types of in-depth research you need to do. If you are doing basic telephone or internet research, this product isn’t really for you. But if you do in-person commercial and television series screenings, hands-on product testing, or print advertisement research, then this technology will go a long way for your business.

Whether or not your research firm can expand to include marketing research using eye tracking depends a lot on your budget. The cost of a large video eye tracking system depends on the technological aspects of the equipment, but you can expect to spend thousands of dollars and up. You can purchase a smaller system for less, however, if that is all you need. This is especially true for firms who do a lot of one-on-one or hands-on product testing.

Just in case we’ve scared you off with the cost of marketing research using eye tracking, let’s wrap it up with the benefits of using video eye tracking in your advertising research firm. The minimal start-up cost to acquiring a system like this is nothing compared to the long-term payoff. When you are able to tell clients you use this technology, you are much more likely to land research jobs. And you can essentially charge more for your work because it is more complete and cutting-edge than any other methods. If this is something you are interested in, then you should invest in eye tracking technology today.