July 15, 2024
Meaning of Letter Spacing in Handwriting Analysis

Letter spacing, in the analysis of handwriting, refers to reciprocity between an individual and his emotional environment. It refers to the individual’s emotional feelings and reactions and to his ability or inability to express those feelings spontaneously and appropriately. It relates to his generosity in interpersonal relationships, to his understanding of others emotional needs. The spacing also indicates the writer’s degree of receptivity to other people’s ideas, manner of behavior, methods of working, emotional reactions generally and a definite influence on the writer’s own ability to learn.

Ideal spacing indicates the ability to give and take- adaptability; a degree of personal assurance; receptivity to others ideas’ emotional generosity that is genuine and not impulsive; orderliness and organization; ability to learn without feelings of distraction; understanding of others feelings and emotions, spontaneity, warmth, friendliness.

Constricted letter spacing indicates the writer’s lack of spontaneity due to insecurity; conservatism due to fear of over-extending himself; conventionality or conformity according to the writer’s peer groups; emotional inaccessibility; inflexibility due to insecurity; inhibition and reserve for the same reason; lack of discrimination in associations and undertakings because of the need to “fit in” with the peer group; loyalty due to fear of changing loyalties. Such a writer is likely to over-react under sufficient stress or to react inappropriately in unfamiliar situations.

Expansive letter spacing indicates the impulsive writer; the writer who over-reacts emotionally; superficial; permissive; overly accessible emotionally; gullible; dependent upon environmental stimuli; lack of discrimination in undertakings, activities and associations due to lack of standards and inability to analyze logically.