April 17, 2024

There are two ways to prospecting in MLM Network Marketing Business: Fishing and Hunting. These two methods are directly opposite of each other. One method will build you a massive organization and make you a top earner and producer with your company while the other method will repel your friends, family and even potential winners.

1. Prospecting by Hunting: During my early days in MLM, my upline would tell me to keep calling a friend or family until they say no. Something didn’t feel right about this. When I put myself in the shoes of my prospect, I found that unattractive; regardless of how attractive the opportunity I was been sold is. I wouldn’t even find out because I will keep running from the marketer and their opportunity.

When a hunter goes hunting, they hide and sneak around. When the animal or the huntee finds out it is being hunted, it runs further away from the hunter. One of my mentors said, anything or anyone been caught up to by hunting usually means they were killed even before they were useful. Does this sound familiar? It did to me because I have had hands on experience. One of our closest friends didn’t pick up the phone after he had seen the opportunity. When we finally caught up to him at a social gathering, his reason for not doing the business was that he would never chase people liked we chased him.

I had been there before. I had been that family or friend that was been bothered to take a look at a second stream of income. I found it hard to understand that method of marketing an opportunity even though I was not familiar with MLM at the time. At that time, I had already built another traditional business to success without my family and friends. In fact, I totally ignored the closest people to me and built credibility by marketing to strangers. After that, my family and friends flocked to me and referred to me people that needed the solution that I offered in Real Estate.

2. Prospecting By Fishing: Fishers fish by providing value to the fish, or at least, it seems like it. The value is the food that you would put on the bait and hook. During that period of luring them to you is simply the point where you build trust, credibility with the fish. The fish is usually alive when they are caught and they can be caught with may other fishes. Most importantly, they are useful. In fact in the MLM Network marketing, we are not going to eat the fishes. We are going help them become fishers of fishes by training them and therefore changing their lives.

In conclusion, when you hold a gun in your hands and start running after an animal, it does not matter if you are doing this in its favor. It is either going to run away or fight you back if the animal is wild enough. MLM Network Marketing Business is based on relationship and that is never going to change. The tradition of scaring your friends and family away is not efficient because that removes the relationship. I find it ironic that the top earners and producers of this industry never have to scare their friends and family away neither. Only the beginners do this. Jesus said I will make you fishers of men and not hunters of men.