June 18, 2024

Psycho-ecological Design is the effective creation of environments that attempt to incorporate the multi-dimensional existence of our origin in Spirit. Design and energy blend in a process for which L5 Design was given the term Psycho-ecological Design by Spirit almost 20 years ago through a reading facilitated by Rev. Raphael Azariel di Angelo.

New Age teachings are actually old teachings brought forth again. This knowledge is one of the sources of the process of psycho-ecological design: the Mind is not limited to the brain. We exist in Mind; our physical existence is within Mind.

Psycho-ecological Design identifies what nurtures a soul. The soul is the signature. The soul is the essence of life. This implies that there is a minimum of need to sustain the existence. Indeed, it is so. As a spark ignited the beginning of the earthly journey, so it is all that is necessary to carry it through to its completion.

Spirits are not complicated: it is the appearance in life that makes it seem so. The Light requires energy and sustenance. Psycho-ecological Design seeks to find that for each Light that requests this confirmation.

Thought is memory. What would support the Spirit to remember its origin? It could be found in a candle, or crystal, or color configuration. The remembrance could be in recited or read words or sung notes.

Any or a combination of these can be reinforced in patterns, colors, forms or light. These elements are then accessed through sight, touch, smell, or sound. Any or a combination of these will dissolve the barriers that separated the Spirit from Home. This will bring clarity through reassurance or through answers of what is asked in the place of Love and protection.

This triggered knowledge belongs to that one soul making this unique and personal. Wherever, whenever this soul goes, the memory of the process accompanies to be recalled at any time, anywhere. A brief quiet time would be adequate to bring peace, calm the emotional body and align energy for any purpose. Smiles have been known to slowly appear.

The design is not solely in the interior of a space, spaces, or objects in one’s possession. It is in the Mind, where control is developed. Like a key in a lock, the tumblers align to open the way into what every soul knows. The Spirit could be devoid of all possessions and always connect with Home.

The place to which a Spirit is brought has many names. Suffice it to say that is massages the innards with more energy, to remove choking blocks, tears of pain, and defeating behavior. It calms, soothes, and allows the soul to recover by remembering.

This process is written in two ways, from the point of view of energy and from the point of view of design. One may not agree to approach this change from a spirit-based process. It can be developed from an interior design aesthetics place, full of analogous color selections, pleasing furnishing and object appointments. However, when one has achieved a state of well-being and feeling happy, it may not matter how they got there.

The integration of several sources of information includes the user’s needs in physical space, meditation, and energy readings. It is all processed to make sense to the user. First and foremost, since it begins with the user and information within the users’ energy, he or she is made aware of how much power they have to create the environment of their choice with the appropriate technical assistance.